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With our Debit Card Services feature, you can manage your Community First debit cards if any of them are misplaced, lost, or travel worry-free with travel notifications. Simply sign into Community First Online or Mobile Banking and manage any cards you have on file with us.

To access Debit Card Services:

  1. Use the navigation on the right hand side of Online Banking or within the Mobile Banking app
  2. Select Debit Card Services and choose your card
  3. Follow the easy instructions for Travel Notifications, Enable/Disable and Report Lost.

When to Disable vs. Report Lost

How do you know if you should disable your Community First debit card or report your card lost? What's the difference?


You should disable your card if you temporarily misplaced your debit card and don't want to change your debit card number. It's easy to enable your account later if you find your card. Disabling your card lets us know that you don't want us to authorize any new purchases, cash advances, or balance transfers until you Unfreeze. By disabling, you are temporarily deactivating your debit card.

Report Lost-

If you think your card is lost, you should choose the Report Lost option. This will prevent in-store purchases and point-of-sale transactions associated with this card. This will let us know that we need to send you a new debit card with a new account number. By reporting lost, you are permanently deactivating your debit card.