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Empower your employees with our moveUP financial wellness program. Our program will help your employees improve their money management skills and provide them the tools and resources they need to reach their financial goals.

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Did you know?*

  • 45% of employees say that their stress level related to financial issues increased over the last 12 months.
  • 28% of employees report that issues with personal finances have been a distraction at work
  • 52% of employees reported that they find dealing with their financial situation stressful.
  • 32% of employees say their employer offers services to assist them with their personal finances.

*Employee Financial Wellness Survey 2016 results. (2016, April 1). Retrieved March 20, 2017, from PWC

Overview of our process

  1. Meet with our Financial Wellness Officer for your company’s free consultation. In this consultation we will discuss the your employees’ and organization’s needs to create a customized rollout and moveUP plan for your organization.
  2. Assess the stress level of your employees. This is private and confidential. The assessment can be completed electronically or on paper. You as an employer receive aggregate data that will help us work together to develop an effective strategy and plan to alleviate your employees’ financial stress.
  3. Implement the Financial Wellbeing Action Plan. Our plans focus on empowering your employees with knowledge and education. We can provide wellness challenges, onsite seminars such as lunch and learns, webinars, or online modules to accomplish this task.
  4. Apply the education and knowledge to the individual’s situation. We then help your employees apply what they are learning through the workshops and challenges to their own individual situations through confidential one-on-one financial coaching. We can come to your office to facilitate these appointments or your employees can schedule appointments in any of our branch locations.